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Taking the Land

So I’ve always had these Little house on the Prairie Dreams, ever since I was little. Like, why wasn’t I born in the 1800? I always wondered what it would be like to plow and plant and watch for the harvest. So far, it’s been a tall learning curve. We haven’t quite made it around the corner, but God surprises you every now and then, just to remind you that, it’s all HIs Work at the end of the day.

Apparently, someone, somewhere along the line, spit some watermelon seeds on the ground, and low and behold, spontaneously, and effortlessly we have a crop of: green on the outside and amazingly red and juicy on inside; the sweetest watermelons ever.

What did we do to make that happen? Absolutely nothing!! God’s Grace at work in us and on our behalf, all the time.

#gomissions #watermelon #CORE

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