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The Potter's house

We hit the ground running about a month ago. We've had several retreats from different churches coming our way, and we continue to put the finishing touches on the home. We've had several people suggesting names for our Center. One day during a Pastor's retreat, the shot names around the table. Most of them having to do with the Adobe structures. Casa Moche, American Moche, Gringo Moche, (Moche is the pre Incan people group who inhabited these lands). Finally, I said but we aren't just another recreational park. We want this to be a place where God touches and transforms lives. Nicky and I showed them our pottery and said every detail needs to speak of the Lord and how he molds and shapes us. So they said the "Casa de Alfarero". We're playing with it. Thinking about it.... Asking God if that's what he wants to call it.

Meanwhile we are busy in schools teaching about Abstinence and in the Nazarene Church speaking to families. Praying for couples and feeling inspired as the Alfarero, (the Potter) touches our lives.

#Adobe #Pottershouse #CasadelAlfarero

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