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3 Minutes to GO

What an amazing and wonderful ride we have been on. God has been working in us this vision for more than seven years. He has been preparing us, molding us, shaping us, and now He is saying, GO.

We are becoming sure footed, our faith has grown to a soar, like that of the Eagles. As if we haven’t any boundries. We feel like we are stepping out onto the air but the wind of the Holy Spirit is going to carry us where it wants us to go.... and it will do in us what it wills to do and we will hold out our wings.

May 10th we will leave from Washington to California and then by the end of the month we will be off to Lima, Peru and then on to Chiclayo. The vision is so big inside us that at times it seems we will burst. We are believing God for provision and a place to begin the Center for Discipleship Training. On our hearts are the people of Chiclayo who know of God but have yet to really know Him and His great Love for them. Our hearts burn for the lost ones.

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