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3 minutes to Go

Touch down and ready to Run

Hebrew 12:1

...Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

There are so many doors yet to pass through. The vision now needs to come down to earth and into the daily. We have arrived. We are here. The dream in our hearts is God’s dream first. He will help us find our way.

We are living in the house of two young woman, who years ago we knew as high schoolers. Now they are married and have each a little girl. They have given us two rooms to occupy. Everything else will be family style.. Once they learned from us, the word of God. Now we are learning from them, how to live as Peruvians.

It is step by step.

Step one: Finish our home schooling year

Work on our Peruvian Residency

Look for a property

Form a team

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