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Possibilities become Realities-

Today was an exciting day. For more than a week now we have been working out the details of buying the property. Today we finally signed the papers and made the deal complete.

Our project will be part of a city called La Victoria. It is in the Valley of Chancay, called Pomape in the district of Lambayeque. Andres and Ramona Pisfil were happy to make the deal with us. They are promising to help us in anyway they can. We have a date next week to go out to the property together and meet the neighbors and to be orientated on how to take care of our new piece of land. Ramona asked me to keep her Alfalfa growing. She said she just planted it and would be sad to see us just leave it.

I know nothing about growing Alfalfa. We don’t know how to irrigate crops... but we‘re glad to learn. And very excited about the harvest of souls that we will have in the near future.

To God be the Glory.

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